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What is This Plan about?

In simple words this is a Happy Food Plan 🙂 especially created for those who are going through stress. It could be emotional such as eating disorders due to depression, anorexia, bulimia, trauma, anxiety, high stress lifestyle etc. This plan also caters to those with special nutrition needs such as pregnant women, lactating mothers, children, senior citizens or other special conditions. The Wellness plan not only includes adequate food to satisfy your cravings and urges but also includes nutrition counselling for the feel good factor you may need at this delicate period of your life. Remember! Food is the best medicine and no amount of anti depressants/ pills can replace the power of your natural food, after all your every craving is also natural.

Why must I join this Plan?

If you land up bingeing, overeating or starving yourself when you feel low, unhappy, depressed, upset, demotivated or if you may be going through an emotional trauma it is very likely that you may be an emotional eater. In such cases, simply a weight loss plan won’t help because what you truly need is to FEEL GOOD. Hence, a combination of counselling along with a Happy Food Plan which includes wellness foods in the forms of natural electrolytes, sugar and salt is essential to give you the much needed satisfaction quotient. Thus, this plan offers you the right balance of health & wellness to your weight goals.

How Does this work?

We understand your lifestyle, eating pattern, past weight gain history, food cravings, urges and sensitivity. This plan includes your favourite healthy foods created and balanced in a way which would minimise your urge to binge eat / starve. We take you through a counselling session which is combined with a tailored meal plan. All diets planned are natural avoiding any artificial pills, medicines and anti depressants or else we gradually help you wean off them. The diets are completely focussed on your weight management along with emotional balance.

Success Stories

Our customers Testimonials

“They laughed when I sat to play the piano” . I was always pink but never ‘iPink’ ! The “I can’t” syndrome existed for ages till I was introduced to Tripti…and slowly but gradually,  calorie by calorie, my confidence kept growing to  “I can.”20 kgs minus over a year and half they say is slow but to me what’s important is consistency! Consistency remains. A change is no change till it is noticed! Thank you for this noticeable difference you created in my life.  It is as valuable as a teacher who creates that little spark in a child’s mind and gives the spark of wisdom! Weight reduction done with increment fun is the real way to enjoy “iPinkness”. Ready to enrol as a lifetime client. Abundant energy is the real by-product.”


“Generally, I lead a very active life, but as far as food is concerned I have very unhealthy habits. I love working out on a daily basis, but can’t diet and was extremely depressed when I gained 7 kgs in 2 months. After I joined Tripti I finally broke the plateau my body had reached. I managed to lose 6kgs in 2 months, I feel happy now and am glad I made a wise choice.”


“I want to personally thank Tripti for giving me a new lease of life and confidence. It has been more than amazing to lose 13kgs in just 4 1/2 months at my age. I just can’t believe it, all this has been possible only because of her and her diet plan. God Bless you and thanks a lot.”


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