Cereal & grains have been the staple food for Indians over the years providing with sufficient energy throughout the day. The most widely used grain is Indian cooking is wheat. Whole wheat comprises of germ, endosperm and bran, which contribute to the higher level of complex fibre and thus help in weight management. On the other hand, multigrain is usually a combination of the variety of grains thus offering a plethora or nutrients from sources such as whole wheat, barley, bajra, jowar millet, oats ,ragi, quinoa, buckwheat, bulgur, couscous etc. Thus offering greater nutritional benefits.

Choosing multigrain foods like multigrain bread, multigrain crackers, multigrain flours, multigrain biscuits/ cookies, khakra etc are gaining nutritional importance over the whole wheat items as they are relatively high in fibre, and loaded with essential nutrients and minerals.

Nutritional benefits of multigrain food items include:

They contain complex dietary fibre which helps in the slow release of sugar into the bloodstream and also provides small bouts of energy continuously for a longer period of time, higher satiety levels and therefore can be a good choice for those focusing on weight loss, regulation of blood sugar, reduce LDL cholesterol levels.

It contains sufficient protein per serving to meet one’s daily requirement. and aid in tissue repair/ production of antibodies to fight against infections.

They contain high levels of micronutrients like manganese and selenium, as well as notable levels of copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. More than 25% of your daily manganese intake and more than 10% of selenium intake is met through multigrain flours or cereals. These minerals regulate blood sugar and cognitive function, boost the immune system, improve fertility, strengthen bones and have varied benefits.

Multigrain flours generally comprise B-complex vitamins such as pantothenic acid, folate, riboflavin and thiamine which help in regulating metabolism and hormonal balance further boosting energy. Easy ways to incorporate Multigrain food items in the routine diet: Multigrain can be added to any meal throughout the day: Healthy breakfast options include multigrain cereals, multigraindosa/ chilla, multigrainparatha with curds  At lunch or dinner, one can include multigrain rotis with a cup of green vegetables and dal, multigrain sandwiches, khichree etc.

For snacks, one can include multigrain crackers/ toast, multigrain bars etc.