We are all gearing up to enjoy our much deserved break with family. Weekend getaways and travel are much on the cards and so is the break from our usual routine. Each one of us deserves to enjoy a vacation and the good news is that you don’t need to do it at the cost of your waistline any more. Eating smart on the Go is what we are already aware of….grills, salads, fruits, steamed, soups etc but for the smart traveller these iPink travel rules can keep you extremely fit on your holiday even with a little indulgence.

iPink Travel Smart Rule 1- Pack your workout gear


No matter how loaded your bags are a pair of keds and tracks are a must. Whether your travel includes adventure, unwinding or simply a stay at your hometown, make it your travel rule to make time for a quick jog, yoga or trek at any time of the day you can. Early mornings are the best time to indulge in your activity leaving you fresh and free the entire day to have fun.


  • Working out keeps your metabolism high and you won’t feel sluggish or lazy.

  • Including exercise as your physical activity keeps your appetite in check and you may indulge far lesser than you usually did.

  • Your activity will naturally take care of the few extra calories you may get tempted into.

iPink Travel Smart Rule 2 – Taste and waste for your waist


Yes! As much as we have been trained not to waste food, this trick needs you to do just that. Firstly, get a very small helping of your favorite indulgence and then don’t be afraid to waste it. You have saved a whole lot of damage to your hard earned waistline.


  • Your craving is satisfied and you don’t go crazy over the food you have resisted forever.

  • You have skipped a humungous amount of calories which would require week long workouts to burn

  • You are happy, content and still in control, the most important key to your fitness.

 iPink Travel Smart Rule 3- Drink First


Actually this means drink water before you do anything. Drink before you eat, before your beverage, before your workout, before you indulge or cheat, even before you feel thirsty. Hydration is a constant concern on a trip, we won’t forget to eat or click pictures but water is almost always forgotten.


  • We land up overeating most of the times because we are thirsty. Drink to save calories.

  • Our metabolism remains high with healthy muscle and healthy muscles are 80% water.Drink to burn calories

  • Drinking water makes you feel fuller and satiated so you may skip that extra coffee you were reaching out for. Drink to avoid calories.

 At iPink we believe that Smart Lifestyle corrections can make a whole lot of difference to your body, mind and overall wellbeing no matter where you are. Choose to be practical, live smart and eat right. Thus, what seemed a struggle will be a comfortable routine for you. Make health your routine not a mission.


Stay healthy…Stay Fit…Stay in the pink of health…Stay iPink.