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What is this plan about?

Sports & Muscle Gain Plans are specially designed for sportsmen, marathon runners, mountaineers, swimmers, body builders, fitness trainers and more. This plan includes advanced supplementation in addition to the natural healthy diets prescribed to meet your energy requirements for that specific activity intended. We help you reach your final goal systematically with the correct use of supplementation in the form of effective muscle gain without compromising on your health in any which way.

Why must I join this Plan?

If you perform high energy tasks, participate in fitness competitions or intend training for a strenuous sport/activity then this plan fits your need completely. We not only guide you to eat smartly but the key of this plan is the technique of using your supplements correctly and energizing your body to it’s optimum. We plan your pre-workout, intra workout and post workout meals to achieve lean muscle & burn fat maintaining increased stamina and energy levels.

How Does this work?

We understand your goals, lifestyle and needs first. We then assess your Body Composition, Body type, Capacity and Potential of Fitness levels. Based on these, a high energy plan is created for you supported with appropriate supplementation as may be required. We do not administer fat burners, steroids or meal replacement powders. We prescribe natural healthy diets balanced with your activity levels to match your intensity & further improve your performance considerably.

Success Stories

Our customers Testimonials

“Tripti is truly awesome! Her plan did wonders and best of all it’s a truly healthy way to lose weight. No shortcuts! Would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a healthy and energetic lifestyle!!”


“I have lost over 7kgs in the last 6 weeks, so the program has clearly worked very well for me! What I really like about this program is that the diet is very practical, it’s easy to comply with and is also easy to adhere to. Her suggestions for diet while travelling and eating out have suited my lifestyle quite well .The programme is also well balanced with emphasis  on overall fitness and not just weight loss. I would definitely recommend her to any working professional since the program is very suitable for a corporate lifestyle.”


“My wife, Leena and I have been consulting Tripti for 4 years now. Initially, my aim was to reduce weight, have lean physique and participate in half marathon. With her guidance I have been able to reduce 10-11 kgs in 6 months, achieve lean physique and achieve time of 1 hour 53 minutes in SCB Half marathon 2013 and 2 hour 5 minute in Aarey milk colony half marathon on 2013.She works patiently with you, understands you well and prescribes a diet which you can follow easily. Being a vegetarian, I’m sur‎e it’s been a challenge in devising a high protein plan for me but it has really worked well for me.For my wife, Leena it was maintaining her weight. The diet Tripti prescribed for ‎her was planned to take into account leena’s hectic professional  life which required her eat out frequently .We both are very happy with our experience and have started consulting her for our daughter also.”


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