Beet Pomegranate Tomato Juice

By TriptiGupta    

August 7, 2018

The beetroot is a powerhouse of nutrition.& Berries are also high in antioxidants & Vitamin C, so this smoothie offers a fabulous immunity boost. Enjoy!

  • Prep: 5 mins


Beet - 2 slices

Tomato - 1 small

Pomegranate seeds - 2 tbsp

Grated Ginger-1 inch

Water- 120 ml


1Add all the ingredients in a mixer with sufficient water to blend

2Crushed ice can be added optional

3Pour in glass without straining, serve chilled

4Add lemon juice and black salt if you like it tangy


Nutrition Facts

Calories82.5 kcal
Protein2.2 g
Total Fat0.3 g
Total Carbohydrates16.9 g

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November 23, 2018



November 22, 2018

Absolutely delicious! Will make this part of regular diet for sure

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