What is one summer food (ingredient) that should be a part of the daily diet this summer?

This the season of mangoes and while each & every person is ensuring that they have stocked up their Alphonso for the week one tends to forget that actually the real health benefits lie in the original raw mango aka kaccha kairi. Raw mango is not only lower on carbs & sugar but also offers higher antioxidant power, better immunity, is excellent for diabetics, improves acidity & constipation and is much richer in minerals. One can include raw mango in salads, pickles, chutneys, homemade chats or simply have a slice with their meals as an accompaniment to aid digestion & weight loss. While many people complain of irregular bowels or loose motions with ripe mangoes, raw does the trick for them. It’s higher levels of potassium and fiber along with its rich mineral content keeps the system regulated even when consumed in small quantities. This balances the colon pH, cools down the system naturally & hence can be easily called “ The wellness fruit “of the season. There are new methods in keeping healthy so always watch out for tips.

What makes it perfect for the summer?

Our body’s tend to get dehydrated, acidic and more toxic in the summer season thus killing our appetite and leaving one feeling more tired and irritable. Raw mango is known for being a natural coolant for our system. The good old aam panna is the most refreshing drink which helps us regulate our appetite, keeps our body alkaline and calm inducing better sleep, better mood and boosts our hydration levels. It’s also known to combat sickness and giddiness in patients suffering from heat strokes, migraines, headaches and blood pressure which get aggravated in the summer season. Raw mango is thus nature’s best answer to beat the heat naturally.


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