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What is this Plan about?

Maintenance Plans are helpful for each and every individual especially for those who find it difficult to maintain a disciplined lifestyle themselves. This plan helps you save your efforts in reaching your health goals by continuing to keep you on the health track. In the maintenance plan we not only correct the slightest weight gained, but also prevent your body from undergoing the frequent yo yo’s which are the real damage to your overall health and self esteem.

Why must I join this Plan?

If you keep joining various weight loss centres because you always regain the weight you lost then it is likely that you lack discipline & consistency. The weight loss : weight gain circus not only leaves you confused & demotivated but also affects your confidence. In such cases, joining a maintenance plan is a wise decision. Once you have successfully completed a health plan, this becomes not only easy to follow but also helps you remain consistent, disciplined and always in shape. In addition, it also saves you from the extra cost and effort involved in restarting a new weight loss plan from scratch.

How Does this work?

In this plan we monitor you on a monthly basis. A thorough Body Composition Analysis is conducted to check your progress and changes. Your new diet plan is then designed to correct the slightest gain in weight or inches, thus helping you get back on track immediately. Whether you travel frequently, socialise or entertain guests, the challenge always remains maintaining your achievements. Thus, we help you get back to your ideal weight smoothly and continue to lead a healthy lifestyle without going back to ground zero.

Success Stories


“If ever there was proof of magic in my life, well one of them is the universe sending Tripti in my life, which transformed my attitude towards the food I eat and the way I look. Words fall short to express my gratitude towards Tripti. Over the course of my diet regime with her, I have realized what a “mindless eater” I was, and how by being “aware” of what you eat; with simple healthy combinations of food and discipline, nature can work its charm on you. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would lose 7 KGs and reach my goal weight of 45 KGs in a span of 2 months. I always lived under the perception that it would take me almost a year of torturous dieting to lose my kilos of extra weight. Ever since I have followed her regime I have experienced remarkable changes, not only externally but also internally.  I am more aware about what I put inside that beautiful body of mine that serves me day in and day out. Thank you Tripti for all the miraculous changes you brought about in me! I experienced a true makeover: “inside out”. Loads of love, light and gratitude to you for helping me bring about this change.”


“Tripti has helped me to lose weight and gain confidence which had dropped significantly due to the weight gain.I have lost 10kgs and still working towards my goal. I am confident of my results, she is the best.”


“I am very happy with my weight loss of 9kgs and I hope to lose some more. I really appreciate and would strongly recommend Ms Tripti my nutritionist and Dietician for her good work. I am very happy with her efficient online services and work management.”


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