Flaunting your assets, being the center of attraction, admiration, adoration, jealousy are some of the common traits women tend to enjoy by nature. These come as the natural spice in the social circle of female human species and it’s almost impossible to get rid of it for years to come. Following crazy online diets, keto diets which were originally created for epileptic patients or over working out to keep up with the trend has in fact become “the new unhealthy fitness fad” as I would call itMore so, these traits are also creeping into the men now. In the race of forming a huge bicep bulge, shoulder line and flat abs, most guys are getting coined into taking supplements at the next level without complete information of why and what… which is extremely scary!

What are people doing to their bodies?

Today, one does not want to stop at the good ol whey protein, the list of products flooding the market is endless… creatine, glutamine, L-carnithine, Lysine, BCAA, pre workout, intra workout, post workout, intra run, animal injections, steroids, fat burners and so on can actually make the guys go crazy and indulge into anything in the name of making a great body irrespective of what they may actually need.

Women on the other hand, are rushing to take all kinds of pills, powders, hormones, plumping injections, bee stings, snake venoms etc for achieving the perfect curves, hollywood skin, tighter butts, lifted cheekbones etc. It’s surprising how unhealthy we are getting, in the name of health, fitness & beauty. I have helped people achieve natural bodies, one can be lean and extremely muscular, flaunting natural veins & curves and look super sexy even through vegetarian food, such is the power of natural nutrition. You do not need to burn your pockets and health with abuse of any of these products, but it’s the haste, ease, peer pressure and competition to be better than the rest which has made this new age virus so addictive, actually killing the health in you.

Why can’t we celebrate different body shapes?

The trend and awareness of accepting every body shape as beautiful, is growing by leaps and bounds. However, there is a fine line here between making someone aware of his needs and at the same time being sensitive about it. We don’t want the coming generations celebrating tons of fat which can be a threat to their health but at the same time one need not be super skinny to be the popular one. Food has a lot to do with emotions and your body shape comes with your genetics which cannot change. Thus, it becomes the job of professionals like us to educate our citizens about the difference between healthy and unhealthy no matter what your body shape is. “Every shape can look beautiful when it’s nurtured with the goodness of natural food”. Over doing anything in the name of health & beauty is actually unhealthy and if these indulgences fall beyond your natural resources then they are not just unhealthy but edgy, scary and life threatening.

 We must celebrate each body shape just like we celebrate nature, we don’t compare the size of fresh flowers and spring trees when we admire their beauty, color and lushness. Our bodies are natural creations, what’s important is to keep it happy and healthy, nothing can be more beautiful.