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  • What is the difference in nutritional value between white and yellow cheese ?

    The Nutritional value would remain the same unless the cheese is made from low fat or skim milk. The colour of cheese is simply the processimg method and holds no significance in nutritional value.

  • How does Artificial Sweeteners Helps to reduce Weight ?

    Artificial sweeteners replace the extra calories we may consume through sugar in the diet but these do not help you lose weight. These simply substitute the sweetness of sugar and thus your caloric intake from the same cup of Tea is lower. Ideally going without sugar and sweeteners as well would be the healthier option.

  • How would a person get their daily iron requirement if that person eats a balanced diet, but eats no meat ?

    Iron is present in a whole lot of vegetarian sources such as dark green leafy vegetables, dates, drumsticks, fruits etc. Another simple option would be to cook in iron  vessels to naturally improve the iron intake.port.

  • What should be the heaviest meal of the day ? Lunch or dinner ?

    No meal needs to be the heaviest in the whole day, equally distribute your calories throughout the day into small frequent meals. However, its a wiser idea to taper down your caloric intake as per your decline in activity. For eg, we are active during the day and sedentary towards the end so you could start with a wholesome breakfast and taper down your intake towards the later part of the day.

  • What’s the best way to get rid of belly fat ?

    Getting rid of fat itself is a simple diet exercise program specifically targeting belly fat would be reducing your fat intake directly and indirectly accumulating from your meals along with a good fat burning workout and intensive ab exercises.

  • Does Sea food contain fat ?

    Seafood contains omega 3 fatty acids which are essential fatty acids, present in very small amounts in our routine daily diets. These healthy fats are much required by our system for healthy heart, skin , hair and overall balance in the body.

  • What has more calories­ Cream, Cheese or Butter ?

    Cream, Cheese and Butter are direct forms of fat and the caloric value per gram will remain the same.

  • Is brown rice easier to digest than white rice ?

    Brown rice is a complex form of rice due to its high fibre content. Hence, it’s a healthier option over white and takes longer to digest thereby giving you the feeling of fullness for longer

  • Where can I get calcium if I don’t like milk ?

    Calcium is a very essential mineral required by each one of us  Dairy is the largest source of this nutrient, however, there are many sources of calcium such as ragi, sesame, soya , chicken , fish etc. A simple way to consume your calcium is by simply taking 2 tsp of roasted black til daily besides your normal healthy diet.

  • Being a vegan, how do I get a “Balanced Diet” ?

    Being vegan means it would be a lactose free, vegetarian diet. Well !as we all know Vegetarians also get their complete nourishment from natural foods which include most of your protein, carbs and essential fats. The calcium and Vitamin D which is missing from dairy can be supplemented through soya , tofu, artichokes, black til etc. However, certain vitamins such as B12 would need to be supplemented through external sources as vegan and vegetarian diets do not fulfill the desired requirements.

  • Should I worry if my child is a picky eater ?

    If there is a balance of nourishment in the meal in the form of our essential nutrients then one need not worry at all. Picky eating could be to do with taste or monotonous choice of meal , if yes ,then we need to accept it as a phase and tactfully include healthier options for the child. Masking vegetables in rotis or pancakes and fruits in puddings or juices are the common tricks most moms include. However, one needs to see the larger picture and not judge by the mood swings of the child.

  • I am a dessert lover, how do I keep a control on my sugar intake? Are there any less fattening desserts ?

    Dessert means unwanted excess calories, so step one is to accept that. Step two now, is a wiser you cheating . Now you know that you are eating your dessert and its bound to store as fat .So go ahead and enjoy your portion in limited amounts and try to schedule some physical activity post the binge. We are all humans and have our share of cravings so it’s only wise to accept it rather than fight it. Be smart ,by eating your dessert during the early half of the day or even better as a pre-workout meal. This will avoid the excess damage to your gorgeous waistline. One can trim the fats as far as possible by avoiding ghee/ oil, using skim milk , using less sugar etc. Besides if you are looking for the sugar free desserts etc , neither are they a healthy choice nor do they satisfy your taste buds so you just need to play it smart.

  • What vegetable has the most protein ?

    Vegetables are known for their vitamins, minerals, fibre and water content, they have minimum protein. High protein foods for vegetarians would be soya, tofu, sprouts, all lentils / pulses/ legumes ( green peas, corn) .Vegetables cooked with dairy or pulses would enhance the protein value of the meal. Asparagus, mushrooms, lotus stem, edamame( beans) and artichokes are also a good choice of vegetables known for their protein content.

  • What type of cheese is less fattening ?

    Hi kinjal, Feta cheese made from skim / skinny milk is the least fattening cheese as compared to the rest of the cheese variety available. The milk used for cheese preparation is the actual indication of the fat you can expect in the final product.

  • How do I know if I am underweight ?

    One can identify your Ideal Body Weight (IBW) by simply using the thumb rule of height in cm -100 for males and height in cm -105 for females.
    Eg- Women – 165cm = 60kgs | Men – 175cm = 75kgs
    Here a margin of +/- 10% is given depending on the body frame and bone weight. However, if you are more than 10% less of your IBW then you are underweight.

  • What food would help my skin glow ?

    Antioxidant rich foods such as fruits, salads, nuts are the most beneficial for glowing healthy skin. Nothing can outweigh the benefits of raw foods  and plenty of water when it comes to fresh and healthy glowing skin.

  • What type of rice would be the best to eat ?

    Red rice are the best choice of rice available widely in the market these days, Brown Rice come next , then the Kolam variety and finally the white rice. The increased fibre content makes the unpolished rice stand out for its nutritious benefits. Red rice has the maximum fibre as opposed to any other variety.

  • Is fiber really necessary in losing weight and keeping it off ?

    Fiber is roughage. It provides satiety , binds to toxins and unwanted fats and finally clears the digestive system. As a result of these , it acts as an appetite regulator , detoxes our system and keeps our intestines clear. All these factors together would boost our metabolism and therefore aide in effective weight loss.

  • What’s the best type of fat for a healthy heart ?

    Omega 3 fats are the most heart healthy fats available in the form of flaxseeds, chia seeds, fish oil etc. However, if you are referring to cooking oils then a combination of MUFA : PUFA is preferred for cooking such as Rice Bran Oil , Saffola Gold, Olive Oil, Groundnut oil etc

  • I don like dairy foods, how can I get calcium in my diet ?

    The best way to consume Calcium is to ​consume it in the form of sesame seeds, they are a very rich source of calcium , even millets like ragi can be consumed in the form of dalia or rotis to meet your calcium requirements. However, you may need to supplement if your calcium levels are low.

  • What type of vitamin D supplement is best ?

    Vitamin D is obtained from sunlight, so best is to eat enough calcium and take a walk in the morning sunlight for natural D. there are also Vitamin D fortified Milk and eggs available. Coming to supplements we advise Vitamin D K 60 tablets of various brands once a week as per your requirement which is the best so far, consider injections for quicker results

  • Fish, pork, chicken and beef - can you give me some advice on what amount I should consume of these in a week ?

    Fish and Chicken are white meats which can be consumed on a regular basis after removing the skin and fat before cooking. Pork and beef should be limited to 2 times a month considering the high cholesterol and fat content they come with.​

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