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What is the Diabetic Diet Plan about?

Diabetes is not a general disease but a chronic lifestyle condition which can be excellently managed with right dietary guidance. These diet plans have low glycemic index, especially designed for your body type, to effectively manage blood sugar fluctuations and additional medical complications if any. We also keep in mind your likes and dislikes to makes it not only result oriented but fun to follow as well. Our goal is to help you consistently minimise your tablets or insulin, simply with the help of a healthy natural diet. Diabetic diet plans are personally curated for all types of diabetes such as Type 1, Type 2, Gestational or Pre-diabetic, for every age group.

Why Should I join a Diabetic Diet Plan ?

90% success rate in diabetes management has been proven to occur from a disciplined dietary lifestyle. Blood glucose changes in diabetics are directly related to not only the quantity but also quality of caloric intake, Along with diabetes; being overweight, obesity, hypertension, cholesterol, thyroid, PCOD, organ health, skin problems etc. are some of the commonly associated diseases which are caused due to an imbalanced or poor metabolism. Following a well balanced diet is the best way to manage your sugar, cravings, reduce tablets, remove or reduce insulin usage, correct our overall medical reports and also lose weight in the most healthy and natural way for lifelong. Without a proper diabetic diet, it is almost impossible to manage this lifestyle condition with minimum or no medication.

How Does this work ?

Your medical report, dosage of tablets or insulin and dietary lifestyle is thoroughly studied and discussed with you by our expert diabetic nutritionists. Your likes, dislikes and choices are kept in mind before we design a personalised diabetic plan for you. For online clients, all diets are shared over whats app or email as per your convenience.The diet plans are monitored weekly by your designated diet advisor and changed every 2 weeks to add variety and better results. We target weekly progress in weight loss and blood sugar management. Our final aim is to achieve normal blood sugar levels and ideal body weight with minimum medication as well as overall healthy medical reports. We complete this program with a customised maintenance diet plan exclusively for diabetics to help you lead a healthy lifestyle forever.

Success Stories


It was a very good experience following diet plan. Was on medication for my diabetes and uric acid  but after following diet plan my sugar and uric acid are normal now. I am very thankful to Dr.Tripti to keep me healthy and active. Would like to continue with her diet plans

Nisarg Gohil -

I was recently diagnosed with diabetes ( sugar levels>200mg/dl) and have always been on heavier side but at  iPink, with Tripti Gupta’s diabetic diet  plan, constant motivation & guidance today my sugars levels are well maintained in the normal range. The diet she prescribed was easy to follow, kept my cravings always under check.
During this journey I have lost 10kg’s and never felt more energetic and active before. It has been an awesome journey at iPink and would like to thank Tripti Gupta ma’am for her support and nutritional advice.

Raju Oberoi -

I was on insulin when I joined iPink .Following diet plan have helped me not only lose weight but slowly and gradually my diabetic reports came normal. From dosage of insulin have got replaced with a medicine now. Lost 6.1 kgs in 3 months am very happy following  diet plan.

Ajay Kumar -

Eat Right Lose Fat Get Fit

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