Even as Diwali is over, our homes are filled with sweets and farsans that were exchanged as gifts and will constantly be served when guests stream in and out. With Christmas and New Year approaching, the latter half of the year is always full of celebrations and festivities. These often throw our diets and health plans out of whack, especially with the oily, carb-rich and sweet food, what would you suggest


1) After having binged on sweets and heavy food, how does one manage to stick to their routine of staying fit?

Post a binge, I strongly advise my clients to go on a natural and healthy detox diet plan which is a cleanse for the system . This kind of cleanse is much needed after the grease and grime we have consumed that clog our intestines causing bloating, indigestion, heartburn, gastric disorders such as loose motions, flatulence etc. The added heaviness and feeling of discomfort makes one feel fatigue, lethargic and sluggish. A well planned professional Detox Plan helps one not only feel instantly lighter and healthier but also motivates and recharges you to get back to your healthy lifestyle and routine more effectively. We run complimentary Detox Challenge campaigns on our social media handles every year which have been very successful and have planned one this year too from 1st -3rd nov which is open to all.

2) What are some foods we can include or remove from our diets to counter the binge eating?

One needs to supplement the binge eating with plenty of fluids and fibre to balance the oil, starch and sugar . Fruits, salads, juices, infused water and a good cardio workout are the best ways to counter the binge naturally.

3) Even while we let go of our healthy diets during festivities, what are some things you could avoid to not deviate much from routine?

Sleep and exercise are the other two pillars of your health besides a good diet. If our healthy eating habits are on a break at this time I would suggest to pay careful attention to these other two for sure. Lack of sleep can cause more binge eating, fatigue and sluggishness further lowering our metabolism. Lack of exercise adds to your weight and waistline, demoralising you from kickstarting your healthy eating habits once again. One can also consciously increase hydration which will control your appetite, keeping your gut fresh and healthy.

4) Can exercising harder help too?

80% weight loss occurs from what you eat, The rest 20% can continue to be a good cardio workout. One need not over exercise as this can only cause muscle loss, concentrating on high cardio activities however will help to burn off more calories faster.

5) Any other tips to keep in mind with regards to diet during festive season?

Listen to your body is the best tip I can share, do not deprive yourself too much because you are a health freak and do not over indulge because you don’t care. Taste the high calorie foods on a full stomach so your portions are wise. Think before you eat anything so you are completely aware of what you are consuming.