Discover 5 unique benefits of the iPink Instant Detox Diet Plan

Breaks Stubborn Plateaued Weight


This scientifically planned cleanse is the perfect remedy for plateaued weight which may occur due to hormonal imbalance, following erratic diet plans off the internet, doing wrong crash diets or simply a medical condition. Following a carefully planned Detox Diet helps you not only break this plateau but also gets your body responsive for better weight management.

Moderates unidentified Medical Concerns


There are innumerable minor issues such as a skin rash, a spasm, some kind of stomach pain, acidity or unidentified food intolerance which may result due to a toxic system. A fresh rejuvenated system is a sure shot way to get rid of these unanswerable issues. We have achievers who have experienced these changes and continue to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without any of these.

Cleanses the Gut



This is the main purpose of any good detox plan…. weight loss and inch loss are simply a side effect which can remain with you if backed up with a proper maintenance plan. The gut or intestines get infested with toxins due to eating out, trans fatty acid rich foods, junk eating habits, lack of hydration, lack of exercise, insufficient intake of good quality fibre and other deficiencies. These problems slowly pile up causing bloating, constipation, acne breakouts, gastric reflux and in some cases also allergies. A detox cleanse helps you flush the toxins out of the gut, make the body alkaline and the gut probiotic, hence making one feel completely refreshed, light, energetic and healthy.

Fights Bloating &  Burns your Belly Fat



Cleansing the gut is fighting the bloat. It’s this bloating which causes broader waistlines, flatulence, discomfort, sluggishness, lethargy, fatigue, disinterest leading to boredom, demotivation, frustration and even depression. A healthy body is a happy body. With the right cleanse once can fight the bloat and have a much flatter stomach leaving a more confident you.

Gives you impeccably radiant skin



Most of the skin ailments such as pimples, acne, pigmentation, melasma etc are blamed on exposure to sunlight but the truth is these actually stem from deficiencies, poor quality food intake, lack of sufficient antioxidants and activity. Another very big reason for breakouts is an unclean gut. Detox diets are plans balanced with electrolytes, sufficient roughage, fluids , antioxidant rich foods and the right balance for your overall health which can bring unmatched radiance & health to your skin, hair and nails.

Every diet varies for each and every individual pertaining to his condition but when doing a Detox ensure you are backed up by a genuine professional who is taking care of you at every step throughout to get you best results. Have a Safe, Happy & Healthy Detox