4 Smart Steps one should follow for Post Marathon Muscle Recovery

After all the loading, hydration and running, it’s time for our Mumbai runners to recover smart, keeping their metabolism optimum post their run is a matter of 4 simple steps

1) Eat a fruit sprinkled with salt

This would give you natural electrolytes i.e. salt & sugar plus satisfy the body’s carbohydrate need instantly.


2) Choose a protein rich meal, 40 mins later

 Sprouts, chana, buttermilk , egg whites, chicken salad are great options. These will now do the job of muscle recovery without leaving you bloated or being wasted to provide energy.


3) 1 hr later Hydrate with natural juices

This could be Fruit or Vegetable Juice which replenishes your antioxidants naturally.


4) Now you can get back to your healthy lunch

Smart Eating routine fully replenished and energized with great metabolism & continued vigor.


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