With innumerable cases of growing childhood obesity, young children coming with high cholesterol levels, early menstruation occurring in girls aged 9 yrs and so many hormonal disorders we see in early teens today, it has become the need of every parent to empower their children with the right knowledge of health and fitness, make them aware about good food and bad food and help them grow into independent health conscious disease free adults. Let them learn from the beginning , the why’s and how’s scientifically with professionals, understand what goes on inside their bodies with all that fat and what’s that junk made up of which their moms are preventing them from eating.


We at iPink have thus taken the initiative and created this one of it’s kind, unique program called iPINK ​KIDS ENERGIZE-

An exclusively customized program for children of ages 7yrs and above ​


​​ We​ help your child learn-

  • ​T​he good and bad about food
  • ​Why do we grow fat?
  • What goes into the burgers and French Fries?
  • How do we unjunk the junk making food fun and a learning process
  • How ​can they ​choose to eat right from their favorite menus


Our Nutrition Sessions​ teach

  • Choosing healthy options and Why?
  • Unjunk the Junk – H​ow to trade your junk food for healthier​ options and why?​
  • ​Customized recipes for moms to mimic their favorite junk​ for healthier foods​
  • Every session will have a diet prescribed along with it to help the child achieve his goal which could be fat loss, increased energy, immunity boosters, appetite improvement, sports nutrition etc.