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Good News for the health conscious who love cruise vacations, your Holiday spell become healthy here!! Any retreat is a good retreat but a cruise vacation is the crème de la crème of vacations especially during summer. The last thing you would want at mid-sea is to be hit by a bolt of sea sickness converting your much awaited gala time into a nightmare. Let’s learn a few smart tricks to keep our cruise vacations healthy


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  • Drink plenty of water at least a week before you set sail. A well hydrated body protects you from sickness.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits, salad and antioxidant rich foods. A power dose for your immunity can work wonders
  • Stay Active, keeping yourself fit and feeling light is the best preventive measure you can take rather than alighting with a bloat.
  • Carry your nausea fighting snacks- Salt coated ginger sticks, oil free homemade pickles, peppermints, some homemade churan and chaat masalas work wonders.
  • Choose a cabin on the lower decks as you would be less prone to sickness than the higher ones
  • Preferably have a balcony or be close to the open areas of the deck, breathlessness and closed spaces leave you feeling more nauseous.




  • Salty and spicy is your savior here , nibble on some pickles or chaat masala flavored fruits to calm your nausea down
  • Keep nibbling every 2-3 hrs on something , salt coated dried ginger is a great choice. An empty stomach can make you feel more sick.
  • Distract your mind by watching some TV or listening to music, sea sickness in most cases is a psychological condition. Breathing exercises in open air work best.
  • Stay on the lower decks and away from the other sick fellow passengers.
  • Drink minimum plain water when sick, electral water or apple juice are good options which can be sipped especially if vomiting occurs.


  • Never try to read or browse on your computer, mobile and other devices. Any activities which require concentration can worsen sea sickness for you
  • Don’t drink too much fluids, this tends to jump in the stomach making you feel more nauseous and uncomfortable. Small sips are best.
  • Avoid sugar, desserts, tea, coffee, green tea. These can make you feel more acidic, instead sipping on lime flavoured electral water would work best.
  • Don’t exercise on a sick stomach, you won’t feel any better, a light walk can be done if you feel gaseous.