In weight loss or weight gain? If so how to deal with it?


Eating is directly related to the mind. 80% is the state of mind and the control your brain has over your eating behavior. Hence, stress can cause maximum damage to any health program you plan to follow. Managing your stress is an important part on your journey to good health. You can deal with stress effectively by making time for activities which make you feel good , often known as stress busters. These could include dance, sports, gaming, swimming, meditation, singing, playing the piano or any activity that you may have an interest for. These activate release of endorphins which are the happy hormones and work towards de stressing your body and mind.


Besides, food can be the biggest stress buster. Feel good foods such as dairy, berries, raisins, dark chocolate, wines, yoghurt, most fruits, nuts and seeds can actually trigger off serotonin and phenylethamine also known as the happy food hormones which not only work as stress busters but also contribute to good health.


Losing weight organically means increasing your output naturally. Without gym and diet the only way to knock it off would be by maintaining a highly active lifestyle that curbs stress.


Keep your movement and day to day activity levels high. Boost your metabolism with thermogenic foods such as spices, herbs, berries and green tea which naturally keep your fat burning.


Increase your water and fibre intake substantially to control appetite and consuming very low glycemic foods such as dark green leafy vegetables, beans, lean meats, pulses etc. These would naturally boost your metabolism and help you lose weight without following a specific diet program or gym.