After a detox cleanse, It’s easy for you to smoothly transcend into your healthy routine now. Remember, your body is clean and your system is fresh to take on the new nourishment with better absorption and renewed energy.A few things to keep in mind for the healthy detox-er.

Do’s and Don’ts POST DETOX

  • Spring back to your healthy mode, eat natural and seasonal. Your body will respond far better to the nourishment  as your system is more receptive and toxin free.
  • If you have never followed an exercise routine, now is the right time to start . A small brisk walk also is a great way to optimize your metabolism and thus maintain your results.
  • Identify which meal made you feel best during your 3 day Challenge and incorporate it in your routine.
  • Your regular meals given in your maintenance can continue from now on.
  • Guzzle plenty of fluids besides water, such as vegetable juices, fruit smoothies, detox water and green tea etc.
  • Combat unhealthy cravings with nutritious happy food recipes as shared by us from our recipe section
  • Most importantly  the detox is not only for your body but also for mind and soul. Take a few minutes to meditate everyday, sleep well & remain active to enjoy  calmer and happier you


  • Do not repeat the detox immediately, your body may go off balance. Your body has reached it’s peak in giving you best results in these 3 days. In fact it’s ready to restore now, so provide it with healthy well balanced meals.
  • A Detox is meant to spring clean your system and get your body ready to perform better, hence refrain from toxic indulgences such as carbonated beverages, trans-fatty foods, smoking, tobacco, alcohol etc which damage the benefits your efforts.
  • Do not recommend a detox to your family and friends without professional support to avoid medical complications
We are extremely proud of all your achievements and hereby invite all participants to join our personalized maintenance diet plan to further better their results.