Turn any holiday or vacation into a Slim-cation with the iPink easy on-the-go tips for health conscious eaters. Use these tips on long weekends, holidays or work trips. Even those who clock frequent flyer miles can benefit.

Dont let your diet go on holiday along with you!

 #1- Pack your workout gear

Composite image of full length of healthy woman jogging

No matter how loaded your bags are, sneakers and tracks are a must. Adventure-seekers to laid back plans, even a visit to your hometown, make it your travel rule to add a quick jog, yoga or a brisk walk into your holiday. Early mornings are the best time to tick this off your check-list, leaving you fresh and free the rest of the day.


  • Working out keeps your metabolism high and you won’t feel sluggish or lazy.
  • Including exercise as your physical activity keeps your appetite in check and you may indulge far lesser than you usually did.
  • Your activity will naturally take care of the few extra calories you may get tempted into.

 #2 – Taste and waste for your waist


Be a food snob, get small helpings of your favorite indulgence or small portions from the hotel buffet with only things that you really like. You have saved a whole lot of damage to your hard earned waistline.

Add a few naturally fat burning summer foods to supplement your effort- cucumbers, lettuce leave, cabbage juice, lemon juice concentrate and fresh amla puree.


  • Your craving is satisfied and you don’t go crazy over the food you have resisted forever.
  • You have skipped a humongous amount of calories which would require week long workouts to burn
  • You are happy, content and still in control, the most important key to your fitness.

 #3- Learn the local flavours



There are certain dishes that are high on sodium and saturated fats. Depending on where you are, you can learn what gets a thumbs up and what doesn’t.

Sweet and Sour Pork, Egg rolls, Egg drop soup, fried wantons can be avoided for stir fries, bean curd. Ask the cook to use less soy sauce. Similarly, avoid Hush Puppies, gumbos, etouffee sauces for jambalayas if you are doing a Creole meal. Moussaka vs baba ghanoush and appetizers with grain based hummus….


  • Making the choice is better with a little knowledge. The learning is a part of the holiday experience, isn’t it!

 #4- Limit the variety


While most places serve out a lavish buffet, check out what is available first. Then limit yourself to two things at a time, go back as often as you want, but only two things on your plate. Give your taste buds a holiday and avoid all the things you get at home and you usually eat. Enjoy the spread- wisely


  • Variety stimulates appetite, and you will definitely get tempted. Taking only a few items allows you to enjoy these without any overload
  • Limiting your choices is easier to control than a little bit of 20 different things

#5- Spot the high sodium foods



Avoid foods that are pickled or smoked. Ignore the cocktail sauces and the teriyaki. Keep away from the fries and extra cheese just as you would at home. And, as far as possible, avoid the appetizers and go for the main course directly.


  • Keeping track of the salt intake is a smart way of keeping the sodium and the saturated fats low
  • Grilled, with low sodium sauces can be as much of a great experience as the meals that will take many days to work off

 #6- Chef’s recommendation



In places where your food is cooked to order, do not be afraid to ask questions. Find out how something is made, make a special request for lighter fare. If there is a sauce, salad dressing or gravy, ask for it on the side. Most places are happy to oblige


  • You can dip, skip or use less, a la carte
  • Fried, au gratin, braised, buttered, creamed, escalloped are words that can easily be avoided. As well as words like Hollandaise, cream sauce, pan fried and butter sauce.
  • Look for words like baked, broiled, steamed, grilled. Also phrases like in its own juice, garden fresh will help you along..
  • You enjoy your meal without thinking of how many days will it take to work off

  #7- Sharing is caring


Restaurants serve large portions, especially with desserts and the sides. Share this with the group- not only will you eat less but you will also sample a larger variety


  • A larger sample plate is better than a single sweet treat
  • This helps you focus on the people you are with rather than the dish you want to try

  #8- Drink First


Actually this means drink water before you do anything. Drink before you eat, before your beverage, before your workout, before you indulge or cheat, even before you feel thirsty. Hydration is a constant concern on a trip, we won’t forget to eat or click pictures but water is almost always forgotten.


  • We land up overeating most of the times because we are thirsty .Drink to save calories.
  • Our metabolism remains high with healthy muscle and healthy muscles are 80% water .Drink to burn calories
  • Drinking water makes you feel fuller and satiated so you may skip that extra coffee you were reaching out for. Drink to avoid calories.

 #9- Play games


A holiday needs to focus on the people you meet, not only the food you experience. An impromptu throw ball game or a walk on the beach, even a simple swim or hitting the local dance floor gets you with the people you are with, rather than a gastronomical journey. It has the advantage of sweating off your extra intake of calories.


  • Playing a game adds to the fun memories of a holiday, and keeps us from sedentary habits hotels with free wi-fi can tempt us into
  • Playing with fellow travelers keeps our focus on the people and the game, and not eating.
  • A walk or a bicycle ride allows us to see new places and create new experiences like nothing else can.

 #10- Relax


When you are bleary-eyed and sleep-deprived, the chances of reaching out to high calorie foods like desserts and chocolates are more. You make poor dietary choices and eat more when you are fatigued.


  • A holiday is not a jet lagging experience but a time to refresh and rejuvenate

 Happy Holidays, folks! Stay healthy…Stay Fit…Stay in the pink of health…Stay iPink