Post the Diwali binge if you have piled on extra kilos, have a bloated belly and your clothes are bursting at their seam lines, you ought to take charge immediately. There are loads of myths and crazy detox programs available these days which don’t qualify as a scientific Detox plan as a result of which people get poor results, weakness, dizzy spells and lose faith in these. A detox needs to be professionally and scientifically planned to enable you get the optimum results and leave you feeling super fresh and healthy. The right plan can work wonders on your system and overall performance, cleansing out the grime and bringing unbelievable radiance to your skin. The popular iPink Detox Challenge Plans pioneered by Tripti Gupta in 2014 help you to do just that at super speed and get you back in healthy shape like before or even better.


Preparing for the Detox Challenge a day prior involves eating light, staying active during the second half of the day, when you go grocery shopping, refrain from eating out. Have a light homemade dinner and maybe a cup of skim milk at bedtime. Voila you are super charged up for starting off the very next day.


Keeping a daily tab on your progress is not only tracks your progress but also brings great motivation recharging you to bring it on . Here’s how you can do the same-

The Best time to take your weight is empty stomach in the morning before your workout. If you are among those who needs to visit the restroom immediately on waking up , then you may take your weight once you are done and before you have eaten something.

NEVER take your weight post a walk or run, your muscle tone and body water would have gone through changes during this period and it is likely that your figures will be highly incorrect.


For measuring your waistline, aim for the belly area, that’s where all your stubborn fat is and it is here that we are trying to get the bloat off from. Take a measure tape and hold parallel to your navel, now run it exactLy around your navel area parallel to floor and accept the readings :). We need a firm hand here to avoid a different reading everyday. Don’t pull the tape too tight, just keep it taut and firm.

NEVER take your measurements with your shoes on, this again gives us a different reading and you may land up getting confused with the varied readings each time you change your footwear.


A Detox is not about losing weight but it is about bring back your health balance and preparing you for healthier tomorrow. Losing weight is simply a side effect which can be beautifully maintained with our Maintenance Diet Guidelines, subscribe to our blogs for receiving regular updates.

Have a Calm, Happy & Healthy Detox