If each weekend binge (or a Friday evening night out) sees the weight loss of the week come back each time, its time to take charge. If you have a bloated belly and your clothes are not as comfortable each Monday morning, here are some cool new fat shedding tricks to follow and knock off that flab at super speed.

iPink smart fat shedding tricks

  1. Work in a rigorous regime each Saturday, shed some excess weight quickly which will help you feel lighter, motivated, energized. It gets you ready to stick to this routine as time goes by, a healthy regime is a lifestyle choice.
  2. Fight the bloat. If you have binged, the excess alcohol, sugar and sodium causes puffiness and heavy bloated feeling. iPink Smart Trick– Simply double your water intake to flush the toxins out of your system. Restrict white salt, rock salt can be your best bet.
  3. Include natural diuretics after a binge. Chuck the diuretic tablets and get lighter instantly and naturally. iPink Smart trick– Barley water also known as (jau), cucumber juice and lime water naturally help to throw out the excess water retention at quick speed. Keep sipping throughout the day to see amazing results.
  4. Load on fibre. These help to bind with the unwanted fats and flush out the grime effectively. iPink Smart trick– Freshly squeezed vegetable juice, salads, fresh seasonal fruits can work miraculously. Up to 2 glasses a day can work the magic
  5. Boost your metabolism. Accelerate your body’s fat burning process naturally. iPink Smart trick– Your natural metabolism boosters include spices such as- cinnamon, cloves, pepper corns, nutmeg etc. known for their extreme thermogenic (heat producing) properties. Add them to the water you drink or sip them with hot water.
  6. Detoxify naturally. Consume 3 cups of Green tea or White tea daily. iPink Smart trick– Add a pinch of cinnamon powder and lime to your Green Tea to speed up your fat loss.
  7. Work-out to destress. Any form of activity or sport is a must to shape up and rejuvenate your mind. iPink smart trick – Combine high energy workout with resistance bands to optimize the burn, include electral during your workout to replenish electrolyte losses instantly.
  8. Rest for power. Always remember, your body recovers when resting. iPink Smart trick – You want your muscles to grow ? fat to burn ? Rest is the answer. Grab your power nap of atleast 20 mins during the day to reboot your body.
  9. Discipline is the key. Make your very own time table for meals, water, workout and rest. iPink smart trick – Setting an alarm on your phone is the coolest way to stay disciplined.

Vegetable Super Drink after a binge

The Miraculously instant Diuretic


1 whole Cucumber

4 sticks of Celery

2-4 handfuls of Spinach

8 lettuce leaves

Other greens/ Optional boosters: parsley & fresh alfalfa sprouts


Juice all ingredients in a mixer and mix fifty-fifty with mineral water. Do not strain, add lemon juice to taste and drink immediately.